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"Your Streetfighting approach has already generated new business for us. There is no question that your session was exceptional, and met all our expectations."
Sales Speaker Joe Guertin's been in the trenches! He didn't make a fortune overnight! He'll drive home hard-hitting, customized content, plus strategies and case-studies from the Top 10% of Sales Professionals to help your team build a real Action Plan for SUCCESS
"Your seminar wasn't just another 'rah rah' let's get fired up' speech. You left us with tangible techniques, resources and references we can use every day."
DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF TODAY'S SALES STREETFIGHTER including how they get more done in less time, how they build deeper customer relationships and consistently earn a superior income. Topics covered in this program include:
  • Powerful Internet Tips for growing Sales & Customer Relationships
  • How to Penetrate Key Accounts and Expand your Circle of Influence
  • Six Strategies for becoming a Valued Resource to Customers and Prospects
  • How to REALLY maximize Time, Territory and Motivation
Customization, Handout Materials and a post-meeting follow-through system are INCLUDED!

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The evaluations say it better than we can. 'He was great and energetic and kept you interested' 'Speaker was excellent ... applied to my career and personal life' Many said 'Joe Guertin was the best part of the program.'

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR PROFESSIONAL SALES,,,,IF you know the differences among passing fads, the tried and true, and explosive trends. Fasten your seatbelts as Joe brings the future into focus. Hell reveal seven trends that will have a profound impact on the way you do business over the next several years. Loaded with content and case studies, your group will find themselves on the edge of their seats, and on the cutting edge of change!

Topics Include:
  • The Global to guess what's up next?
  • From Fax and Email to Podcasts & Blogs
  • Three National Trends That Will Make You Stronger
  • Building a Fool-Proof Action Plan that Guarantees Your Success

Customization, Handout Materials and after-the-session follow-through system are INCLUDED!

Get the Details: 414-762-2450

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