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Joe Guertin leads the Guertin Group, growing sales, people and bottom-line revenue, especially in turbulent times!

Battle Tested & Proven!
Joe Guertin has helped with everything from small businesses who want to establish themselves to guiding multi-million dollar transactions.

But he's experienced the economic downturn, too, having to guide one of his outside real estate investments through an unavoidable bankruptcy.

Through it all, he continues to create success for business and salespeople looking for results that can be measured!

Measurable Results

Sales Training is just one focus of Joe Guertin.

He can facilitate real, lasting change and bottom-line results using his innovative strategizing and one-on-one coaching.

Results that are real, consistent and lasting. Results you can take straight to the bank!

Get Social!
Joe Guertin and The Guertin Group can help you create a powerful, profitable social media presence.

Bring more customers to your company through a fully-customized E-Mail Marketing system, management blog, LinkedIn and Facebook pages and more!

Let Joe Guertin give your Social Media a multi-dimensional presence!

"80% of sales hasn't changed, so you'd better master the basics.

The other 20% HAS changed, and you'd better keep up, or you'll become obsolete."

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Joe is a contributing writer to two books:
"Top Dog Sales Secrets" and
"Top Dog Recession-Busting Sales Secrets."

He has also been featured in: Selling Power Live with Jeffrey Gitomer,
and Numerous business and trade publications, worldwide.

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